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The Celeblaws, P.A. is headquartered in Orlando, USAFlorida. The firm also has offices in , with a New York Office, and, with the approval of China's Ministry of Justice, Guangzhou, China.

The law firm was founded by Qinghe Liu, Esq. Prior to this, Attorney Liu worked in other International law firms and US law firms, especially during the free legal service in Orange County, Florida, where she contacted many grassroots citizens and witnessed the dilemma of many immigrants and vulnerable groups seeking help from the law. They missed the best time to defend their legal rights because they were not aware of the rights they have. Based on the experience, Attorney Liu knows that people who are lack of legal knowledge and grew up in other countries are losing their fair legal benefits without timely assistance. Qinghe Liu Esq. has seen this. As a Chinese compatriot, she has a special sense of mission to the Chinese living in the United States. It is this sense of mission that ultimately led to the establishment of the Law Offices of Liu & Associates, P.A.


At the beginning of the establishment of this law firm, the main target clients of the law firm were the new immigrants living in the United States. Attorney Liu is well aware of the limitation of personal strength. She believes that only lawyers who specialize in the profession, have serious sense of responsibility, and recognize the founding philosophy of the law firm can better realize the ideas and goals established by the law firm. Therefore, Attorney Liu invited lawyers from various legal fields to join the team, which made the firm's strength stronger and its business scope wider.

At present, the law firm has a wide range of strategies in the fields of business, litigation, intellectual property and immigration. Our lawyers are experienced and conscientious.  There are senior lawyers with more than 40 years of practice experience will escort you, and young lawyers fight for your rights. Our customer includes U.S. branches of listed companies, well-known U.S. banks, large-scale blockchain leading companies, domestic well-known packaging companies, agricultural products companies, light industrial production enterprises, as well as start-up companies for international students, etc.

In the field of investment legal services, our clients include both big enterprises and those who already have a certain scale and need to develop their business in the United States, as well as small and medium enterprises, Or through acquisitions, investment in U.S., which can expand the company's size and business scope, and also achieve the purpose of immigration to the United States.


In terms of immigration legal services, we apply for various immigration applications (occupational immigration, investment immigration, outstanding talent green card, transnational executive green card, relative immigration, marriage green card, etc. and non-immigrant visas (H-1B, L-1, 0 -1, P-1, TN, F-1, B-1 / 2, etc.).

At present, Qinghe Liu Esq. has handled more than a thousand cases. During the practice, Attorney Liu fully understands the importance of listening and confidentiality, and also makes the same requirements for the lawyer team and all the staff and guarantees absolute customer confidentiality as well as careful listening to the customer requests. Therefore, the Law Offices of Liu & Associates, P.A in United States has always adhered to the concept of "sincere, Ernest, Professional”. Since its establishment, we have always been customer-oriented, carefully listen to customer demands, and is committed to providing customers with High-quality legal services.

The company is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA, and has branch offices in New York and Guangzhou, China. As a multinational legal service agency, Law Offices of Liu & Associates, P.A has a professional and open team of lawyers with lawyers licensed in Florida, New York, Minnesota and Canada. In addition to having a rigorous and solid legal knowledge background, each lawyer of this law firm has an in-depth understanding of Sino-US culture and fully respects cultural differences and individual differences. Our mind is broader, and our vision is higher, aiming at a smooth, enjoyable communication with our customers and provide them with the best solutions and legal services.



Our team’s lawyers can speakOur lawyers are fluent in English, ,MandarinChinese, and ,Cantonese. With, the establishment of our Guangzhou office, we are  better positioned tocan better connect with and understand Chinese local situation in China, and buildlocals. By bridging across cultural and linguistic gaps a language and cultural bridge for Chinese clients, so that ourwe are able to efficiently help our Chinese clients can efficiently realize their business goals  and provide them with other localized legal support in the United States.

In the course of future development, we hope that this law firm is not only a part of every employee's occupation, but also a support for our personal feelings and missions. We will inherit and pass on the concept of “Sincere, Ernest, Professional”.

We promise that no matter the size of the case, each case will be taken care of by more than two US headquarters lawyers and assistant teams directly. 

We will focus on solving the problems as a starting point and providing you with effective solutions and legal advice.

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