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The origin of the law firm


The law firm was founded by Qinghe Liu, Esq. Prior to this, Attorney Liu worked in other International law firms and US law firms, especially during the free legal service in Orange County, Florida, where she contacted many grassroots citizens and witnessed the dilemma of many immigrants and vulnerable groups seeking help from the law. They missed the best time to defend their legal rights because they were not aware of the rights they have. Based on the experience, Attorney Liu knows that people who are lack of legal knowledge and grew up in other countries are losing their fair legal benefits without timely assistance.

For example, some residents do not know the importance of proposing their own rights and interests in the process of divorce, which causes them not only to suffer losses in money, but also to affect the parental rights of their children. For example, people involved in criminal cases can't get justice because they don't know how to keep the witness's personal information, take photos and collect evidence. Due to hiring the Criminal Attorney only, some more new immigrants thought that they would be fine after confession of guilty and low punishment. Then that their green cards were revoked and themselves were deported later.

Qinghe Liu Esq. has seen this. As a Chinese compatriot, she has a special sense of mission to the Chinese living in the United States. It is this sense of mission that ultimately led to the establishment of the Law Offices of Liu & Associates, P.A.

At the beginning of the establishment of this law firm, the main target clients of the law firm were the new immigrants living in the United States. Attorney Liu is well aware of the limitation of personal strength. She believes that only lawyers who specialize in the profession, have serious sense of responsibility, and recognize the founding philosophy of the law firm can better realize the ideas and goals established by the law firm. Therefore, Attorney Liu invited lawyers from various legal fields to join the team, which made the firm's strength stronger and its business scope wider.

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